Basalt Band Hybrid Fibreglass - Per Metre


Basalt Band Fibreglass Cloth - 4oz E Glass 

This ultra new, high quality product has been made with surfboards in mind, strengthening the stringer area without losing the natural flex.  The fibreglass is a mix of:-

  • 4oz quality direct size fibreglass
  • Basalt fibre

The Australian made cloth has 2 thick basalt bands running vertically (length ways) through the direct size E cloth which helps strengthening the stringer area without the extra stiffness of carbon. The Basalt fibre has been known to reduce vibration and chattering so perfect to complement the performance of all boards especially EPS/Epoxy construction.

  • Width 760 mm (30 inch)
  • Can be used with Epoxy and Polyester resins        

So, what is in Basalt band?

Basalt Fibre
Basalt is a hard dense volcanic rock.  It’s an igneous rock formed through the rapid cooling and solidification of lava.  Basalt fibre is produced in a continuous process using crushed basalt rock, the only raw material required for its manufacture.   It provides a good compromise between glass (20% stronger) and carbon (Not as brittle) 


  • Strong impact protection – will not shatter like carbon fibre
  • Naturally UV resistant
  • Maintains its physical integrity in stressful situations
  • High tensile strength
  • Similar flex to Fibreglass performance

4oz Fibreglass
The 4oz Fibreglass is high tensile clear yarn which is the correct size, meaning the fabrics need no further heat cleaning or treatment with a coupling agent. These additional treatments usually result in a 50% reduction in tensile strength which, in turn, transfers to a reduction in composite mechanical properties.


  • Reduction of deposits and fuzz
  • Improved process-ability
  • Lower friction coefficient
  • Easier impregnation with resins

Width:    760 mm (30 inch)

Try some BASALT Band cloth on your next surfboard.  Add a few metres to the cart today and we'll ship it in a cylinder to you, rolled not folded!

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