Marko EPS Blanks - Please Contact Us To Purchase (Not Sold Out)


Please note - this page will always say sold out- Please Contact us to purchase.
Marko foam are the leaders Fused EPS Molded Surfboard Foam.
Unlike Block EPS foam, every Marko EPS Surf blanks are individually molded in its own mould cavity, this allows maximum even pressure to gain ultimate fusion between the polystyrene bead.
Unlike Polyurethane Blanks (PU), EPS blanks can be recycled and with using epoxy you have a healthier build than using the typical PU/Polyester resin builds - lower VOC's and less harmful chemicals like acetone.
Sizes we carry:
6'0   $95
6'4   $95
6'6   $95
6'8   $110
7'2   $110
Call in and see them in our showroom
Please note this page will always be sold out - please contact us to buy blanks




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