Futures Leash Plug Installation Kit

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Futures leash installation kit

Make your installation of leg rope plugs easy! Futures have brought out a one pass install kit so you get it right every single time.

The Futures Deck Plug Installation Complete Kit comes with:-

  • Makita variable speed router jig
  • Jig-plate
  • Target
  • A pass bit
  • Router slide

If you have purchased a pre-2014 Futures Finbox installation kit, you can use your existing Makita 3709 router with the 3709 Leash Plug Installation Kit.

The new Futures Finbox installation kits come with Makita 0701C variable speed router.

If you have you have one of these newer kits, you can use your existing Makita 0701C router with the 0701C Leash Plug Installation Kit.

How to use

  1. Mark out where you are installing the plug
  2. Line up your jig and target.
  3. Make sure you have your router set at the right depth. 
  4. One pass of the jig and its ready for the leash plug to be installed.

To buy the Futures Leash Install Kit simply click Add to Cart and you'll have it on your doorstep shortly!

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