PRO DIY Skins Kit - Dual Tab


Pro skinz dual tab 6’0 surfboard and underPro skinz dual tab 6’0 surfboard and under

Pro skinz Dual tab – make your board as light as a pro surfers board

High performance skins kit for short board includes:-

  • 5 metres of 4oz fiberglass (Aussie made high tensile)
  • 1 white leg rope plug
  • Thruster set of dual tab (FCS compatiable) finboxes
  • 6 grub screws
  • 1 fin key

  • To add a set of black thruster fibreglass fins, select WITH FINS from the dropdown menu then click add to cart.

There is enough for 1 layer of 4oz fiberglass and an extra layer on the tail patch.  To add a reinforcement click here.

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