Cerex PBN II - Per Metre


Cerex PBN-II – is a non-woven cloth that is made by spinning and thermally bonding continuous filaments of nylon 6’6 into draping, textile like fabric with a  cross hatch pattern.

The PBN-II bonds well with most resin systems, making these fabrics excellent materials for manufacturing laminate and composite systems.

PBN-II comes in different densities:-

  • 0.8 oz – used as a lightweight inner cover instead scrim over an EPS surfboard blank
  • 2 oz – used as skin bulk between fiberglass layers on the deck of a surfboard to reinforce

Recommended to be used as an inner skin with Epoxy resins under vacuum bag pressure

Remember to choose from 0.8 and 2oz when adding the shopping cart.


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