Surf Resin Semi Opaque Tints - Rose Pink


Rose Pink

These Semi opaque tints are made especially to go with most  Resins - add a little or add a lot! But a little will go a long way! The tints are designed to stand most conditions that the sea and sun can through at them! Colours will last as the are designed to keep their colour longer.

How to use Surf Resin Tint in Epoxy:

Pour your Epoxy part A into a container by using weight.  Slowly Add the tint amount of contents into the Part A until you are happy with the Colour (checking what weight is is now)  Try not to exceed 5% as all tints will effect strength of epoxy

Add Part B into the mix at desired ratio (100 part A / 44 part B)  mix the resin so it completely mixed, then use normally as you would normally with the Clear resin.


Size: 60 grams

Coverage: up to 5Litres

Shake well before use


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