3DFins - Nubster Skullpass Dual Tab base


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3DFins -

The Nubster Dimpster is here, this is the ultimate drag free stabilizer, great for quads or Twin Fins that need some taming. Wakeboarder's this fin has been tested by some the best and they all agreed it had mad speed, release with out the drag. 

Best Boards: Quads, Twin Fins, Wakeboards.

Includes: 1 fin



Height 1.69" (43mm) 

Base: 3.58" (91mm)

Foil: 50/50


3DFINS GOHARD series feature the incredible, world renown, patented Dimple Technology.

3DFINS Patented Dimple technology is a World Tour proven innovation with 3 Pipeline podiums, 3 World champions and one WSL BIGWAVE tour win.





  • UV protected original artwork, using our unique art application process.
  • ZGLASS is a secret recipe of fibreglass and a marine grade polymer. The high fibreglass content creates a light but super strong fin.
  • Affordable technology with premium construction, ZGLASS creates a stiff flex pattern with unparalleled snap back memory.


This legendary all-rounder template that has been proven in all sizes of surf, from your average beach breaks pumping pipeline and maxing Teahupoo. Not too upright and not too much rake, perfect tight radius turns and drawn out carves. Dimples give the fins extra hold and release with Bursts of speed down the line.