Cerex 1 oz - Per Metre

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Cerex 1 oz

Cerex is a non-woven spun bound cloth that has been made into a flat, smooth, strong, crisp fabric.  Cerex surfacing cloth’s exhibit excellent uniformity, plus high tensile and tear strength even at low fabric weights, they are made of nylon 6,6, one of the toughest and most durable man made polymers.

The Cerex bonds well with most resin systems, making these fabrics excellent materials for manufacturing laminate and composite systems.

Cerex is being used as an alternative to rice paper for logos and digital prints underneath the top skin. Also can be used as a cover or a veil over the core of the surfboard, it’s an alternative to putting a scrim (spak filler or an epoxy/q-cell mix) on an EPS blank to seal the surfboard blank.

Weight:     1 oz

Recommended to be used as an inner skin with Epoxy resins under vacuum bag pressure.

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