Modii Flax Basalt Thruster Fin Set - Single tab/Dual tab



This thruster set follows the AM2 template produces exceptional drive and speed. If you want a lively feeling on those smaller days this will give you a noticeable edge, providing a massive increase in speed & nicely coupled with release at the right time - We worked with Modii to make a fin with Aussie made Eco materials ! Our 100% Flax cloth and our 100% Basalt cloth featured in this fin style! 

Use drop down menu to select fin base 

 fin sizes:

Front Fins:

Base: 4.33" 110mm

Depth: 4.53" 115mm

Area: 15.23" ²  9824mm ²

Centre Fin:

Base: 4.28" 109mm

Depth: 4.41" 112mm

Area: 14.22"²  9172mm ²