Fused Carbon Tape - 6 Stripe 80mm


Australian Made Fused tape!

The major benefit with a Fused Carbon Tape is to create a product that could be laminated completely flat in prominent areas of a surfboard, which helps increase tensile strength and add less weight than other tapes. The aim of the Fused Tape products is to take out the extra steps that a woven rail tape sometimes add to the Surfboard build– the woven tapes  get raised edges, which means for Glassers and Sanders will have issues of resin build up and sand throughs in finishing the surfboard. The “Fused Tape” product sits almost as flat as a piece of paper, so the issues are reduced and the production can be finished quicker.

The Carbon in this tape is a 3K carbon which sits flat in most laminations.

The Scrin holding the carbon is heat bonded so no glue lines showing and no plastic backing to take off!!

Roll length 50m


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