Hanalei Fin - STD Single fin in sizes 7.5 /8 /8.5 /9

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This is the latest Hanalei center fin design, that takes its cue from many of the traditional longboards fins. Although this template was largely derived from one of our older side fin designs.

Feature a wider base for more projection and better tracking for those who are more interested in smooth lines than tight turns!

Has some characteristics from our GS range and then some inspiration from our NS side fin designs. Features a very distinct tip to provide a little more feel to the fin. It fills a hole in our range for people looking for a fin with more projection and drive at the expense of tight turns. Turning can be improved by placing this fin further forward on the board. Due to the increased base area in these fins we recommend selecting a smaller fin if high performance and speed are critical as the smaller fin will have less wetted surface and hence be faster! These fins feature a nice tip flex that will provide a little extra pop out of the turns!

Made in the USA not China, the best Value fin in the market!

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