Hanalei Fins XPD2-500 (L) Twin Set Gearbox base

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The XPD2 range is an extremely functional family with different size combinations depending on the conditions and needs. These fins are ideal for quad setups as they feature good turning ability, plenty of drive, and lots of speed. Being an unmatched set the fins can easily be switched around as conditions warrant.

All of these fins feature our custom hollow foil technology on the inner face, which makes for a faster and more responsive fin! The unique outline keeps the base narrow for good turning, while the increased tip area provides lots of drive. The tips of the fins also feature increased toe-in to help with turning.

These are our go to fins for a wide range of boards and conditions. They have been successfully deployed on everything from 6-0 shortboards to 10-5 guns!


Primary fin in this series that serves as the front fin for a QUAD setup . Also can The Front Fins in thruster setups with the dedicated XPD2-463C or A4C-500CK center fins.


height: 5.00" [127mm]

base: 2.875" [73mm]

area: 14.98 in2 [96.64 cm2]

Fits Fins System: Gearbox and Modii Universal Finbox 

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