Hanalei H5 (Hammer) Twin Fin/ Quad Rear Set Dual Tab Base

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The H5 is the latest generation of our HAMMER series, that adds more area and HOLOFOILS to the design ramping up the performance.

There is only a single template in this series the H5-400. It is commonly combined with other templates to create quad setups. But this template can be used by itself as a Twin Fin Set if needed.

The H5-400 is the latest generation of this Hammer design. It is used in combo with the A4C-500, XPD2-500, and Q2-500 to create even more powerful quad sets. Can also be used as a side bite in a 2PLUS1 setup.

The H5-400 template is one of our more unusual shapes, but really is an amazing fin. Combines a very narrow base with a very large tip to generate flex that really pops out of the turns. Strictly designed to be used as a back fin in quad combos, they also makes excellent side bites in 2+1 setups, as long as there is no kelp in the area where it is being surfed!


height: 4.00" [102mm]

base: 2.875" [73mm]

area: 13.94 in2 [89.94 cm2]

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