Hanalei QB2 425 Quad Rear Set Futures Base


This Fin set Is one of our best sellers! It is such a versatile fin set  that it can be used by it self as a Small Twin Fin or back fin set in a quad with the Q2 500 set or Swap them around! use them at the front and the Q2 500 set at the front for a Twinzer style of Quad! and you can set them up  as side bites in a 2+1 set up.

This latest generation of the Q family of fin designs. While these fins have been around for a long time they are still very popular because they just work!

Smooth, powerful, high performance fins. They offer smooth power with lots of drive and holding power. The harder they are pushed the better they work. Really have to be tried to feel how good they really are in the water!



height: 4.25" [108mm]

base: 2.875" [73mm]

area: 10.62 in2 [68.52 cm2]