Non Woven Carbon Uni Inlay 225mm- per metre


Ever wondered how to reduce the lump made from inlays? The answer is finally here! Non woven Carbon Uni inlay tapes!

What is it? Non woven Carbon inlay is a surface veil that has been fused with Carbon Tow! This inlay lies flat like a piece of paper (but thinner!) and  does not have a raised edge as some woven tapes can. The web-like surface veil(which is transparent in resin)  lets the resin bond strongly to the Carbon and the Fiberglass layer above giving it a high strength to weight ratio. Very stable cloth so customisation can be achieved.

So if you are after a super light surfboard swap your woven deck reinforcement out with a Non Woven Carbon Uni inlay.

How to use:

Reinforce surfboard tails or strengthen the stringer area on the bottom or the deck of your surfboard 

Apply onto the core of the board then lam your fibreglass cloth  onto the blank as per normal, please be aware the inlay can not be curved like a woven tape, make sure you use as a straight tape.

Available in 45mm tape, 90mm tape and 225mm deck inlays

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