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Nylextra Mesh

Nylextra Mesh is a new reinforcement for surfboards.  It is an ultra-fine mesh fibre, which improves impact and compressive strengths of an outside layer fibreglass. Its lightweight construction, less than 1 oz helps keep the weight down in a surfboard build.

Nylextra fibre is made of a special blend of nylon, one of the toughest and most durable manmade polymers, it has high tensile and tear strength even at low fabric weights

Nylextra mesh bonds well with most resins.


  • Little weight gain in a strength to weight ratio
  • Toughness/hardness is increased of the outer skin
  • Easy to wet out with resin
  • Comes in 9 metre roll

    Width:              70cm wide

    Weight:            10 gsm


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