Rail Tape Jute Poly Flax


Jute Poly Flax Fibre Rail tape

Jute and Flax fibres are an eco-material that’s an environmentally friendly alternative to fibreglass or carbon reinforcements.

The eco-material is not only a strong natural material relative to its weight, but is highly performent, flexible, strong impact resistant and are naturally attractive.

Using jute fibre rail tape along the full length of the board will ensure a consistent flex across the entire length of the board.  Jute fibre is lower in density and provides superior vibration dampening properties compared to fibreglass and carbon (which are the most common surfboard rail reinforcements).

The best results for this material would be used under a fibreglass top skin.


  • Eco friendly natural composite
  • Great flex properties
  • Easy impregnation with resins

Width:       75mm

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