Work Mate Soft Density Sanding Pad ~ 200mm


The 200mm  Very Soft Density Pads are industry standard for finishing or even shaping Surffboards, SUP's, Kiteboards and Windsurfers. Perfectly made to sand the board in the flats and also on the curves. The pads have 14mm thread (which is used in Australia and majority of the world please check your sander or polisher for thread size before buying as some american sanders have different thread sizes) and the very soft density foam is 25mm thick and is a must for any shaper or sander

These pads are a Very soft density pad which are made for:

  • Rolling off decks
  • Excellent to shape or sanding a rail
  • Concaves without leaving swirls
  • Minimises weave marks
  • Allows for fine finishes. We have matching discs right up to 600 grit.

The WorkMate pads are manufactured from high quality materials and used for both foam and  fiberglass sanding.  Buy one today!

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