Tail Pads


Tail pads are designed to fit on most surfboards to give extra grip and make sure your back foot lands in the right place every time.


  • 3 Piece design
  • Material: Ultra-thin EVA
  • Diamond traction pattern
  • 3M glue backing
  • 10mm centre arch bar
  • 30mm tails kick
  • Comforting cushioning
  • Colours include Black Blue White, All Black, Green Black, Red White Blue.

To apply a traction tail pad:-

  • Make sure the boards clean, even if it’s a new board you need to clean the surface of dust and anything else on the board. The cleaner it is the better the deck pad will stick.

  • Position the pad on your board before you take the adhesive backing off, this will make it easier to work out how its going to sit, don’t put too close to your leash plug. Leave a 1 cm or 2.

  • If you are confident on the placement, either mark it out with a pencil (you can rub it off later) or if you are really confident take the backing off one piece at a time and go for it, making sure it's looking even.
  • Once you peel the backing off and your position is right. Line up the position with the traction pad and put in place with it lightly touching the board. By doing this you have a chance to re-position the pad if not in the right place.
  • Repeat with all pieces of the pad until you are happy with the position and push firmly in the corners. Once the corners are stuck work pressure on all parts of the traction pad until all bubbles are pushed out and the pad  is stuck down firmly.

  • Wax up the rest of your board and go surfing!

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