How to use SURFSET PRO RESIN for the first time:

Posted on August 26 2015

Hi All


After all the phonecalls and emails I thought I would go through the best way to use SURFSET PRO for first timers here on the blog.
The big difference is the speed, so you need to make sure you have everything ready and this will make it easy to get it done in the 10-15 min timeframe.

As you get quicker and more experienced you will be able to miss the “Make a small batch up for Rails and laps” step.

The resin is a high quality resin so make sure that all marks are off the blank or you will be able to see those marks.


-First step is to make sure you have everything ready, blank and glass set up ready to laminate.

-Work out if you are going to measure by weight or volume as ratios will be slightly different, by weight 100 parts resin to 44 hardener or by volume 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener.

-lf resin and hardeners are dispensed into separate measuring containers and then poured into a common mixing container, be sure to extricate it all from all of the container surfaces to get the remaining material into the mixing container to assure proper proportions.

-Once the products are dispensed into the mixing container, stir thoroughly, being sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container. Clean sticks of wood or tongue depressors can be used for stirring.

Make a small batch up for rails and laps:

- By doing this you can paint the rails first – fold the glass back on top of the board by doing this you will be able to go around the board quickly and paint the rails (and the laps under) of the blank with resin

- Make sure no bristles from the brush are left on the blank as you will see these under the glass

- Unfold the glass back gently lying over the rails again. Don’t push down or squeegee yet as this layer is just to help with the main laminating

- Immediately make up the batch of resin for laminating as if you do this straight away you will have time to push the glass into place


-Pour the resin mixture out on the cloth and spread it around so the entire board surface is covered.

-Then wet your laps by pulling resin off the flats onto the lap.

-Once the resin soaks in, use a stiff plastic squeegee to remove any air or excess resin

-While removing the excess resin, finish flattening the cloth on your rails and clean your laps.


- In 2-3 hours you will notice the board is touch dry, this is what you call flip time, the resin will still be a little soft but you are able to work on the other side of the board if need. Most Pro board builders will use this process but if you are new to board building, wait longer and then when fully dry, you can sand down any lumps and bumps, sand out any air bubbles and make sure you are ready to do the other side of the board.

Filler coat:

- If you are new to building boards maybe use the “FLEX Resin” to do filler coats and finish coats. If you know how to use epoxy resins, or experienced, and have Xylene you can add to the pro to use as a filler/finish coat as it will thin the resin out and make it easier to spread across the board.

- Remember, you only have 10-15 mins if you are using the PRO so make sure you have everything ready. A good quality paint brush will be better to use for great results in these steps.

Remember these key points for successful use of SURFSET RESINS:

-Keep things clean, keep products away from your skin and eyes, provide adequate ventilation, and mix products thoroughly at the correct ratio.

-Prior to doing any mixing, be sure that all the tools you will need are ready for use, including cleaners and solvents.

-Planning what you will be doing and thinking of the tools that will be needed can save you a lot of headaches, particularly when attempting unfamiliar procedures.


Why don’t you do a “build thread” in the forum as you go? This will help other people using this product or you can ask questions of other people who have used it before.

Good luck and can’t wait to see your results!

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