Board Basics Overview

Shaping great surfboards requires imagination, observation and skill to translate ideas into reality. 

Shapers can be artists, engineers and craftsman. Combine all these skills with technology and the results can be awesome.

The best surfboards will always be those designed and shaped by surfers as we are the only people who know what works on the waves and what doesn’t.

To truly understand “why it works”…. we need to know a bit about “how it works”.

The Board Basic pages are to help understand the basic functionality of each part of the modern surfboard. 

From here it’s up to you, whether you want to follow the “Norm” or go out on a limb and be experimental with your shapes.  Whatever way you design your stick just have a good time doing it!

Here are a few basic common questions... click on the links below to read more.

What are surfboard blanks/cores made of?What skins go best with the core I have decided on?What resin is compatible with the surfboard core?I want to know more about shaping and designWhat tails and fins are best for my surfboard?

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