About Us


The Sanded Website was originally started in 2010 to help surfers learn more about other styles of boarding making materials besides the traditional Poly/PU path.  It was kick started after being told by a surfboard rep that epoxy was a "pop out" surfboard and it was clear that more and more surfers weren’t the only ones on this path.  

I started out making surfboards about 20 years ago after a mate of mine couldn't afford to buy a new board.   To make it even more cost effective for him I thought I'd give it a go and make a board as well. We decided to make the boards out of low grade EPS as it was cheap.  We also used Epoxy because my mate had some old West Systems left over from his old boat building days. We made our own fin boxes out of blocks of wood to fit our new FCS plastic fins which we took out of our old boards, measured them up and routered the holes for the fin tabs (even used wood screws to hold them in place!)

We shaped the boards to be easy to paddle and catch waves, a shape similar to the CI Biscuit (even though they weren't out yet). I remember the first day I went to ride it, walking down the beach the locals were laughing at us and calling mine the "paddle pop" (due to the old yellow epoxy).  During that session we were the ones who were laughing about how many extra waves we caught!

From that day I was hooked! I was already thinking "what if I make this board thinner? What happens if you change the rocker? and What happens when you use new materials?” Through the trails of trying new things, we have worked out what does work. We now house a lot of those products here and will continue to experiment and innovate to find more.  The funny thing is a few years later many of the locals all had CI Biscuits! Those same guys now pick up and look at my boards then ask what I'm trying next!


From then on it's been an on going search to find new types of materials and products that would work to create lighter, better, stronger and different surf boards.  We found many like minded board makers along that journey with different ideas and knowledge on board making that needed a voice. So, with Australian board makers and shapers in mind, that's how the Sanded Forum was created.  Obviously social media then took over so the forum was no longer but you'll find us on both Instagram and Facebook.


Since then, we launched our website with a range of both traditional type surfboard construction materials and new tech products all in one shop.  We're happy to hear about any new products you'd like to to see or great materials that you've given a go.  To chat more DM on Insta or send us an email.

In the meantime, enjoy our site and keep designing the best board you can!