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Basalt Carbon Uni Rail Tape

The latest Rail Tape for Sanded Australia is fast becoming the most popular tape in 2017!  It has the perfect set up of fibreglass, basalt and carbon. The new Basalt Carbon Uni Tape is a amazing rail tape that is woven with Basalt and Carbon for reinforcement of surfboards where they need it most!

The 65mm wide Basalt Carbon woven unidirectional tape consist of a plain weave construction with at least 80% of the fabric weight in the 0° or Warp direction. The breakdown of the design of the tape from outside in:

Direct Size E- glass fibreglass 20% stronger than normal 4oz surfboard glass
Basalt - Stronger than S-glass with good vibration dampening properties
Carbon - Known for its properties of strength, rigidity and lightness

It can be used on your surfboard to add directional stability in one specific direction. A perfect replacement for a full carbon tape for reinforcing surfboard rails in the tail area, it generally flexes more than a full carbon tape so it will complement the natural performance of the board. The design of this tape is to reduce fractures around where the tape meets the fibreglass.

It also can be used as a strong and responsive stringer along the bottom of a stringer less EPS blank.  This can reduce chatter as Basalt has a dampening property. Buy it now!

Thick reinforcement for heavy feet - Basalt Innegra Hex Weave

 Check out the latest reinforcement made for surfers who takes their performance to the limit.  It has been designed to replace the carbon tail patches.  It will not only flex but give maximum impact strength in the places you need it. Basalt for strength, innegra for impact. 300gsm and 760mm wide.   Click here for pricing.


It's here! Nylextra Hybrid - BASALT fibreglass! 

Basalt fibre is made from volcanic molten rock.  It's hard and dense and has strong impact properties.  The new cloth combines quality 4oz E glass fibreglass with:-

Basalt Fibre and Nylextra Hybrid Fibre 

The Australian made cloth has Nylextra fibres running vertically (length ways) through the e cloths which helps minimise shattering and strengthens against impacts on a surfboard. The Basalt fibre has been strategically placed in between the Nylextra fibre to complement the performance.

Want strength and durability? Try it out on your next board.  For more information or to purchase  a few metres please click here.

Basalt Quad Ax

As the Basalt range has been very popular, Sanded Australia have developed a number of basalt products including the new Basalt Quad Ax Cloth.  

The Basalt Quad Ax comes in:-Fibreglass Cloth 635mm andRail Tape - 75mm

The Australian made cloth is developed with E-glass fabric in a four (4) layer fabric consisting of fibreglass rovings laid down parallel in the 0, -45, +45 and 90 axes. This fabric provides the ability to apply multiple layers simultaneously and adds excellent structural support and stiffness to the laminate.  Click to try some or to get for more information.