Vacuum Bagging


Cerex 1 oz - Per Metre


Cerex 1 oz Cerex is a non-woven spun bound cloth that has been made into a flat, smooth, strong, crisp fabric.  Cerex surfacing cloth’s exhibit excellent uniformity, plus high tensile...

Cerex PBN II - Per Metre


Cerex PBN-II – is a non-woven cloth that is made by spinning and thermally bonding continuous filaments of nylon 6’6 into draping, textile like fabric with a  cross hatch pattern....

Peel Ply - Per metre


Nylon Peel Ply PA66 85g White with Red strip for Vacuum Bagging Peel Ply fabrics may be used to build composite structures or to facilitate small repairs where a clean, textured...

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