Peel Ply - Per metre


Nylon Peel Ply PA66 85g White with Red strip for Vacuum Bagging

Peel Ply fabrics may be used to build composite structures or to facilitate small repairs where a clean, textured surface is desired for additional bonding and finishing operations. Even in hand laminates on surfboards Peel Ply makes a difference, taking out excess resin to make a stronger, lighter board than your normal glass schedule.

When applied over wet lay-ups, peel ply allows you to squeegee trapped air out without allowing the glass layers to move and shift around. When the resin/fiberglass layup is cured and the peel ply is removed, the surface will be free of harmful sharp edges and spurs.  A Peel Ply layer also provides pressure to the GRP composite structure during fabrication and cure allowing gas to escape thereby eliminating blisters.

Where Peel Ply fabric is used, the laminate will be smoother and will achieve a higher fibre to resin content thus increasing strength.  Peel Ply makes production of vacuum formed laminates, especially composites made with epoxy/carbon/Kevlar possible. Results can be excellent non-skid surfaces.

Weight:                      85g/m2

Width:                        1 metre

Density:                     17*6

Thickness:                 0.016mm

Tensile Strength:       270N

Temp Resistant:        200°C


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