Surfboard Blanks

The Sanded Australia retail store in Long Jetty NSW has a great range of surfboard and Mal blanks available for pick up only.  Please contact us via email or by phone 02 4339 9580 to check we have the blank you're after in store.  Or simply drop into our Long Jetty showroom to view.


Surfboard blanks at Sanded Australia Central Coast NSW
  • Surfblanks PU Blanks
  • Keyline EPS Blanks
  • Java Foam EPS Blanks 
  • King Foam PU Blanks  












Keyline  Blanks

Keyline Blanks are  Fused EPS Moulded Surfboard Foam.

Unlike Block EPS foam, every Keyline EPS Surf blanks are individually moulded in its own mould cavity, this allows maximum even pressure to gain ultimate fusion between the polystyrene bead.

Unlike Polyurethane Blanks (PU), EPS blanks can be recycled and with using epoxy you have a healthier build than using the typical PU/Polyester resin builds - lower VOC's and less harmful chemicals like acetone.

Sizes we carry:

6'5 Performance   $

6'6 Fish   $

7'4 Mid length  $

8'3 Mid Length $

9'8 Mal   $

We recommend if handshaping these blanks are the go to in EPS, harder density makes them stronger

All these prices are for stringerless eps blanks if after stringered we only get limited stock and would be priced higher 

Call in and see them in our showroom

Java EPS Foam

This is a favourite in precuts  for EPS slightly lighter density than the Keyline but make it easier for the machines to cut 

our 6'3 blank is a versatile blanks fits just about every shape below 6'3 from performance to fish/retro styles.

6'3 $  

King foam blanks 

King foam blanks are the one of the most stable foam blank, they have UV resisters to keep our blanks whiter longer.

King Foam is one of the originals, if you lived south of Sydney one of your boards that you had in the past is probably made with King Foam.

6'3 Shortboard $

6'7 Shortboard $

6'9 Shortboard $

6'9 Mccoy Slab $

7'1 Shortboard $

7'10 Mini mal $

8'6 Mccoy Slab $


Surfblanks Australia 

Surfblanks Australia has been making surfboard foam since 1968. Surfblanks is dedicated to producing the highest quality foam/stringer combinations. The density chart below offers great choices for lightness and strength. A wide range of blank shapes puts the shaper closer to the design target. Functional rocker curves will allow for cutting edge surfboard design that is and always has been the core feature of the custom surfboard industry

We carry the Superwhite Blue in the MO8 rockers

5'7 Grom $

5'11 Perfomance hybrid $

6'2  Fish/Kneeboard $

6'3  Perfomance Hybrid $

6'6 Fish/Kneeboard $

6'9 Performance Hybrid $

6'11 Fat Fish $

7'5 Mini mal $

8'3 Mal $

9'2 Mal $

9'8 Mal $

Surfboard blanks can be shaped for you with our aps machine or hand shaped.

Please contact us via email or by phone 02 4339 9580 to check with have the blank you've after in store.



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