Industry ready for new materials? We hope so!

Posted on December 22 2015

It's exciting to see that the standard surfboard materials bar is being raised higher now with the introduction of JS's HYFI cloth . We think it's great that the industry is pushing the limits on quality materials that give boards more strength, flex and less weight.

We've already seen the difference with our Nylextra Hybrid range we introduced last year to the market. This year we expanded our range to include Mal widths, added Basalt into the mix, started getting press and media about our product and even bit the bullet- went ahead and designed a Nylextra Hybrid Logo!

We couldn't of done this without the help and feedback of the companies and team-riders who are using these products on their boards. Next year we have 2 more Nylextra hybrid cloths to join the family, which will be very different to the rest of the range.

We hope the momentum keeps up and allows latest tech fibres to be accepted by the mainstream. The new tech coming through will ultimately give us all better boards!

I just need to get out of the designing and manufacturing stage and get in the water to use them more!

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