Choosing Rail Tapes - The Right One for the Right Job

Posted on December 13 2017

Rail Tapes over the years have become "more than a fashion" in surfboards.

The right Rail Tape for the right application is always needed for when building a surfboard, it can sometimes be the difference between a good Stick and a "Magic Stick".


Woven Rail Tapes

Woven tapes with Carbon or Basalt  are a great reinforcement when there is a complex curve, like a surfboard rail, or when the ultimate result is a bend in the tape.

The weave pattern allows the tape to be manipulated to curve - within reason and still looks clean.


Unidirectional Rail Tapes (we call them on the site "Uni Rail tapes" ) 

Unidirectional are ideal for longitudinal support.

What makes a good stringer reinforcement or replacement? A unidirectional should always be the choice if you are looking for maximum strength with no residual bump. Uni’s are almost always thin because they do not have the over/under fill weave, so reducing the "bump"  If carbon fibre is used in the Uni then this gives you maximum stiffness. A good compromise is Basalt as this gives strength but has quite good flex if needed in your surfboard build.


Non Woven Surfacing Veils  - (We call them on our site "Non woven Carbon Unis")  

Non wovens or fused (as some others call them) are the newest and some say the most exciting rail tapes on the market at the moment. They are an option to replace the Uni Rail Tape with something as flat as a piece of a paper (almost no bumps in your glass job!) which still gives you some extra strength. They can't be curved and some can't be wrapped around the rails.


So here's a quick guide:

Woven - Can be used where ever you think needs strength in the board. Strength goes both ways and they are slightly thicker that a Uni Rail Tape.

Uni's - Can be used in a rail tape but mainly in a stringer tape. Strength in one direction, thinner than a woven rail tape.

Non woven - Mainly used in the stringer area of a surfboard. Not quite as much strength as Woven or Traditional Uni Tapes. Super thin so great for glassing.

The range then includes options such as:- 

  • Basalt
  • Carbon
  • Kevlar
  • Nylextra

We'll post more on the above later!

So you'll then need to decide on the style you're after and the colour.  If you're having trouble deciding what to use feel free to send an email, message on Insta/Facebook or call 0431 02 33 11.


Check out the new range of Rail Tapes here.





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