How to use Surfset Flex Epoxy for Art Resin

Posted on August 23 2018

With More and more people getting involved with art resin, they are realising that Surfset Flex is a great option for their Artworks.

The main differences with Surfset Flex compared to the specialised Art resins is probably Price and Time.

Price - Surfset Flex is about 1/2 the price compared to Art Resin and you still get a professional job!

Time - The pot life of Surfset Flex at 25 degrees is about 30-35 minutes. when usually Art Resins are longer, it just means that you need to be a little more organised.

Finish - The Surfset Flex finish is great and UV stable, All epoxy resins get air bubbles (its a part of the chemical reaction needed for the resin to cure) and just like all epoxy resin you can wave heat above the resin and this brings the bubbles to the top of the surface and they usually disperse away.

Why is it called Flex? - I had a customer say its "flexible"!! Well it is flexible in what you can use it for.. it was developed for surfboard manufacture so for the first day or 2 of curing the resin is easier to sand when its flexible but after day 2 the product becomes like any other Art Resin - its already clear, and showing amazing colours if tinted and most importantly hard, scratch resistant and hard wearing. which is perfect for usable art pieces!

If you havent tried it yet.. you should!! and also we carry a great range of Epoxy pigments to go with our Surfset Range


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