Why Buy The Real Futures Finboxes instead of the Chinese Knock offs?

Posted on July 27 2018

Any Good Repairer will tell you the difference! The Real Futures Boxes are designed to bond with Resin and Fiberglass the boxes are engineered with a mixture of reinforced fiberglass through the actual molded box which helps with bonding strength.. Compared to the knock offs that are just made with plastic - which doesn't stick to resin! 

Futures are made in the Futures factory in the USA. The bottom of the inside of the Futures Fin box will have the the Patent number printed on it . The knock offs will not. 

Futures boxes are a very strong system which has very little chance of cracking, The Knock offs are prone to cracking. 

The Futures boxes fit snugly around the fin so it has the feel of a glass on, most knock off don't fit as well so the fin will be loose in the box.

So when deciding on spending about $10-$15 difference on getting the real futures finboxes compared to the ones you buy on ebay and other vendors - is the problems worth $10 less on a board which you spent days making?....I think the answer is simple!! Buy FUTURES FINBOXES!

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