Squeegee for Epoxy Resin 6inch


Spreader Squeegee for Epoxy Resin 6 inch

This plastic squeegee is used to spread the epoxy evenly across the laminate and is easier to remove any air bubbles and take out any excess resin. Using a stiff squeegee makes the resin move more effectively.

Here’s how we do it when laminating:-

  • Pour the resin mixture out on the cloth and spread it around so the entire board surface is covered
  • Then wet your laps by pulling resin off the flats onto the lap
  • Once the resin soaks in, use a stiff plastic squeegee to remove any air or excess resin
  • While removing the excess resin, finish flattening the cloth on your rails and clean your laps

Epoxy Resin is different from Polyester Resin.  Polyester resin must be pushed through the cloth. Epoxy just soaks in and it does that in its own good time without forcing it.

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