Fred Tool 30 Degrees - ETC Tools


The ETC  Fred Tool 30 Degrees - Takes the Guess work out of cutting in the the bottom edge of the rail. This will help you get a perfect  "rail tuck" everytime 

Easy interchangeable hook and loop system so you can change the grits of your sandpaper or mesh to go with the material of the blank.

Comfortable shape to fit in your hand.

Comes with 80 grit abrasive mesh sheet.

Replacement Sandpaper sheet size: 115mm x 60mm

This tool is a part of our "Signature tool range" where we get Australian Shapers to design tools that they use in their shaping room! All hand made in Australia!


Steve Hann from ETC Surfboards is one of the leading Wooden Eco Surfboard manufacturers in Australia! He has designed this tool to work in any professional shaping bay or in any backyard shed that surfboards are being made!

Grab one today!! 

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