Sanded Australia /Gearbox U- Square Fin Placement Template - Small (half size)


When we decided to add a Smaller  Layout Square to our range we wanted a Square that you could reduce other tools in the shaping room and use this instead!

So we sat down with Robin Mair from Gearbox Surf/ Hanalei fins and worked out everything you would need to put fins in and measurements while building a board.

This Layout Square was the result! 

So whats different to other layout squares?

 - 14 inch instead of 12 inch high so when doing Quads and other fin placements you can do all your measurements without moving the square, reducing time and mistakes.

- You can still do your "Foot from the tail/ Foot from the nose" measurements because of the laser cuts wide enough to put your pencil in.

- Its strong! Made from Polycarbonite instead of Acrylic so if you drop it,its harder to break. 

- You can actually use it to measure in the fin placements!! Laser cuts to fit your pencil and a hole to put your guide on the rail so both side fins can be exactly the same angle and measurement. Its a great Fin Marking jig!!

- Has Inches and 1/2 inch measurements

- Designed by Robin Mair from Gearbox Surf - a Fin Designer/ Hand Shaper, so its a Shaper tool made by a Shaper! Though its made by a professional ruler company so its accurate

Exclusive to Sanded Australia 




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