AbraSilk Wet And Dry Sanding Disc ~ 150mm


 AbraSilk Sanding Disc - 150mm ~ Per disc

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Introducing a new revolutionary abrasive to the surf industry! Abrasilk Soft is a soft abrasive disc with a HookMate backing composed by fabric laminated with ultra breathable flexible foam.

Suitable for any 6 inch sander with any number of holes. The ultra breathable weave allows total dust free when using  vacuuming system, to help foster a better work environment.

The ultra breathable weave creates an extremely good extraction of dust which also means that these discs do not clog easily, and notably there is a dramatic reduction in the sanding temperature - both which ensures a longer life of the sanding disc  and finishing quality without comparisons.

  • Ideal for fiberglass matting and smoothing out resin surfaces
  • The softness it is ideal for all types of surface preparation to polishing.
  • Abrasilk can be used wet or dry
  • Choose from 500,800,1,000,1500 or 2000Grit

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