100% Flax Cloth 3oz 30 Inch



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100% Flax cloth

Flax provides high levels of performance, coupled with the ease of processing normally associated with glass-reinforced materials. The materials use low-twist technology to provide a combination of sustainability, performance and processability not previously seen in composites. Compared to glass fibre composites, Our Flax Cloth offers reduced weight, improved environmental impact, vibration damping, similar specific stiffness and safer handling.

Flax 100g/m² 2×2 Twill Cloth  is typically used for lightweight and decorative applications in surfboards, consumer goods and automotive interiors.

Typical processes for Flax Cloth include Hand lamintion, vacuum infusion or resin transfer moulding using either standard resins or bio-based resins. The fabrics can also be pre-pregged, and processing is carried out in the same way as Fibreglass cloth.

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