4oz 100% Basalt woven cloth


This is a real option to replace your 4oz fiberglass with something more Eco! 

Basalt cloth is easily laminated just like 4oz eglass but has the strength of Sglass and has amazing dampening properties - so less chatter on EPS boards 

Basalt is a hard dense volcanic rock.  It’s an igneous rock formed through the rapid cooling and solidification of lava.  Basalt fibre is produced in a continuous process using crushed basalt rock, the only raw material required for its manufacture.   It provides a good compromise between glass (20% stronger) and carbon (Not as brittle).


  • Strong impact protection – will not shatter like carbon fibre
  • Naturally UV resistant
  • Maintains its physical integrity in stressful situations
  • High tensile strength
  • Similar flex to Fibreglass performance
  • Made in Australia 

width : 25 inch and 27inch

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