"Flatweave"" Fibreglass Australian Made Direct Size E glass 6oz - Per Metre



6oz is 760mm wide

"Flatweave" Fiberglass Surfboard Fabrics were designed with the highest standards of  strength and lightness in mind.

This 6oz Eglass cloth is an Australian made fabric. It is high tensile clear yarn which is the correct size, meaning the fabrics need no further heat treatment with a coupling agent. These additional heat treatments usually result in a 50% reduction in tensile strength which, in turn, transfers to a reduction in composite mechanical properties.

WE have then taken the normal day twist out of the yarn so it sits super flat when laminating - this make the thickness of the cloth fit the board more like a 4oz instead of the height of the normal 6oz. This makes it flatter filling and  sanding compared to a normal 6oz.

Fibreglass features:-

  • Reduction of deposits and fuzz
  • Improved process-ability
  • Lower friction coefficient
  • Easier impregnation with resins
  • Will fray slightly more than normal direct size eglass as the twist is taken out of the cloth 
  • sits flatter in lamination 
  • less filling needed so less weight 

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