S Glass Direct Size Fiberglass - Australian Made 4oz


S2-Glass surfboard fabrics are made with the best quality S2-Glass Yarn from the USA to ensure maximum performance and durability. Our Surf cloth is made here in Australia and is superior in strength to heat treated and imported alternatives

S-2 Glass fibers offer a unique combination of properties: strength, impact resistance, stiffness and fatigue resistance. When compared with other reinforcing materials, S-2 Glass fibers weigh less than conventional glass fibre and deliver better cost performance than Aramid and Carbon fibres.

  • Direct sized and compatible with both Epoxy and Polyester resin systems
  • Achieve up to 85% more tensile strength than conventional glass fibre in resin impregnated strands
  • Better fiber toughness, modulus of resilience and impact deformation than conventional glass fibre
  • Delivers 25% more linear-elastic stiffness than conventional glass fibre

Width : 27 inch

Made In Australia 

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