SUP Fibreglass Eglass Cloth - Per Metre


This Eglass fibreglass SUP fabric is designed with the highest standards of clarity and strength in mind.

The Eglass cloth is an Australian made fabric. The high tensile clear yarn is the correct size and is not baked. Many surfboard cloths are covered in wax when looming (making) the Cloth.  To take the wax off, enabling lamination, the cloth is baked which reduces the strength and makes it brittle.

This correct size fiberglass is proven to be a lot stronger and makes your surfboard last longer. 


  • Reduction of deposits and fuzz
  • Improved process-ability
  • Lower friction coefficient
  • Easy impregnation with resins

SUP high tensile fiberglass cloth width is 1000mm, suitable size for Stand Up Paddle boards and can be cut to size for short boards.  Buy a few metres today and try the quality.

It can be used with both Polyester and Epoxy Resin.

Width:    1000mm

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