Volan 6oz Fibreglass Cloth - 32 inch wide


These days we all look back at the old days and how surfboards as they used to be!  The Retro look comes from a "Chrome treated Cloth" or otherwise known as Volan Fibreglass  It gives a great Green Tint Finish (the chrome salts refraction) to mals and retro boards, We have modernized this cloth by using a "High Clear" quality yarn. (older style Volan cloth uses a slightly opaque cheaper yarn) which gives you the tint but the Glass is clear. We have also made it a standard 6oz surfboard cloth weight instead of the heavier weight  of the original cloth which  was  mainly used for boat building. So if you want a "Retro look" but with a modern cloth this is the Fiberglass for you!

This product is a "Heat Treated" Cloth.


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