FCS2 Thruster Set of Finboxes with Fins ~ 9 degrees


FCS II Thruster Set of Finboxes  With  Fins- 9 degrees

Ever wanted to update to FCS2? This is an introductory kit so you can get in the water without breaking the bank!

Finboxes: Black  only - 9 Degree sides and centre box

Fins: Black only (Performer size M)

The Latest offering from FCS in Finbox Systems is FCS II.

The Finbox Plugs are made from a lightweight composite frame encapsulated by high density foam reduces weight and maintains flex.

The FCS 2 system requires no grub screws or keys to secure the fins to the board, its efficient keyless system for quick fin installation and release. Fins can be easily inserted and removed in seconds, allowing you to adapt your equipment to the conditions, on land and in the water.

How it works - the mechanism 
When the fin is inserted into the plug the barrel interacts with a groove detail in the fin to lock it into place using a combination of downward and lateral force. Constructed using a corrosion resistant titanium tension rod, and a rotating, wear-resistant polymer barrel.

The FCS II System is backwards compatible with all your favourite FCS dual tab Fins (Grub screws are required using the FCS I dual tab fins.


Degrees:                    5 degrees


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