Red/Black Carbon Check Tail Patch 16 inch wide


This 400mm tail patch reinforcement patch is real reinforcment!

Made in Australia with 4oz Direct Size Eglass  and Carbon running vertically and the Red Poly running horizontally. this gives you the strength of an extra layer of glass on your tail without affecting your surfboard  flex performance. 

Sits really flat and easy to cut to shape

Can be used with Polyester and Epoxy Resins. 

What do tail patches do?

If you look at where a well used surfboard breaks down, it’s normally under the heel of the back foot. First dents, then huge dents, then the rail splits and you get water inside. Then you fix it, but sometimes with water still inside. Then you get what’s called “rail cancer” where the rail simply falls apart, little bits at a time, ie. This board is done, time to get a new stick.

The reinforced tail patches of any material do the folloing:
1. Slow the denting and crushing.
2. Keep tension around the entire area, to keep all the “parts” together. This prevents the cancer from either starting or spreading.
3. Add a cool aesthetic to the tail.

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