Keyline Composites Surf Series Clear White Epoxy Resin 750ml Kit


Keyline Surf Series is a true Surfboard Production Epoxy Resin, Super bright in colour to make sure your EPS/ PU Foam boards look SUPER WHITE!! 

The same product can be used through-out Lam, Filler (hot coat) , Finish.

The consistency of the resin is slightly thicker than most Surf Epoxy Resins which make it easier for polyester resin users to use epoxy.

Its a User Friendly resin with good work-ability

Pot life: 25mins 

Flip Time (touch dry): 2.5 hours

Sandable: 6-8 hours

Sizes 750ml kits,  3L kits and 15L production kits


Please note: This resin is a classed as a Dangerous Good so can only be sent out by a courier - when ordering please make sure you have a shipping address where it can be signed off by a person, we can not  send it to a PO BOX.

PLEASE NOTE - Do not use ACETONE on any process of epoxy laminating Filling or hotcoats, this is the main cause of fish eyes and separation problems 

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