Surfset FLEX ~ Clear - 12L Kit


Surfset FLEX Epoxy Resin in Clear - 12L

Due to Covid - Shipping of raw materials in resins have increased dramatically so we had to slightly increase the price of this product.

Surfset FLEX has been developed to be one of the most user friendly surfboard epoxy resins available.  One of the main reasons it’s so popular is because it’s an easy 3-in-1 resin:-

  • Laminate
  • Filler coat
  • Finish coat

Surfset FLEX is a xylene free epoxy resin system which is specifically designed for surfboards using new technologies of epoxy and acrylic.

Surfset FLEX at a glance:-

  • Pot life 30min
  • Flip time 6-8hrs
  • Bloom free finish
  • Fast wet-out of fiberglass and other reinforcement

The 12 Litre Surfset FLEX Clear kit uses Surfset FLEX Part A and Surfset FLEX Part B.

    The Mix Ratio is as follows:-

    • 1 part hardener to 2 parts resin by volume

      44 parts hardener to 100 parts resin by weight

    The additional features of this Epoxy formulation is a high level of UV resistance eliminating fading and yellowing over prolonged exposure to ultra violet rays.

    While the cured laminate will present a tough surface finish, it will also exhibit excellent tensile properties. The end results are the desired drive and flex characteristics needed in a performance surf product.

    You have selected Surfset FLEX in CLEAR. Surfset Resin is available in both Ultra Bright and Clear:-

    Clear – Surfset Clear is ideal for wooden surfboards, fabric inlays, carbon surfboards and specialised spray jobs. The Surfset range of clear colour epoxies helps make the actual surfboard, and its specialised materials, to really stand out. Also amazing for Resin Art and tints

    Ultra Bright - has been specifically formulated to give surfboard builders the chance to make surfboards “brighter than white” colour. It has been designed so the UV Optical brighter creates a bright white. The resin is significantly brighter in the sun and under shop lights.


    We ship Surfset FLEX Resin throughout Australia.  Please note that the Resin is regarded as a Dangerous Good and therefore attracts a DS goods charge for shipping. You can simply view your shipping and DG costs in the Checkout area (as it will depend on your delivery location.)  If you are shipping to Country WA please email us beforehand.

    It's different, new and it's great to use.  Order 12 Litres Surfset FLEX Clear now by adding to cart.  

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