Keyline Additive X - Sanding Agent For Epoxy


Is your epoxy Hot/filler coats getting separations, pits, volcanos or fisheyes?

Keyline Composites has come up with the answer! Introducing Additive X!

Its a surfacing agent that helps take away the issues you can get in Keyline Epoxy filler coats, which leaves you with a smooth finish and an easier sand.

This system is a Wax and Xylene free agentĀ 

2% added to your mixed filler resin - stir it in well then apply to your board as per normal filler coats

Net: 250ml (enough for 15-20 shortboard filler coats)

PLEASE NOTE - Do not use ACETONE on any process of epoxy laminating, this is the main cause of fish eyes and separation problems

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