Build Your Own Board Package

Have you ever wanted to build a surfboard or SUP but have no where to do it? We have the answer!

At our Long Jetty Facility on the Central Coast NSW (just an hour north of Sydney) we have a full working factory with 2 shaping bays, 3 glassing stands and an extracted sanding/spraying room. We have all materials on site including Blanks, Pre-cut shapes, Epoxy, Fibreglass materials  and the biggest range of fin systems available in Australia.

Come in and check it out. Location details here.

How it works: - 

We have a basic package starting from $490 which includes:

  • Blank up to 7'0 either EPS or PU
  • 5M of 4oz Fiberglass
  • 3L kit of Surfset Flex Epoxy
  • Your choice of Futures or Gear Box 2 Finboxes
  •  A sanding Disc pack - 5 sanding discs
  • A Safety pack  - Safety Suit and Mask, Pack of gloves
  • The use of our Sanders and Routers and fin system jigs
  • The hire of the bays for up to 2 weeks (if longer let us know and we can go through the options)

What about if I want different? fin systems? Cabon tapes? Bigger board?:

That can be added or changed to the package when we see you instore to set up your order and book your times of use.

What if I have never built a board?:

No probs - we can give some general advice as you go along or we can give you a number of some of the local professionals who works in the industry, that you can organise work with you and give you one on one advice.

 What about a pre-shaped blank? 

We stock a few generic shapes that you can purchase and start straight away or we can help you design a new file and organise a cut for you. (This  process will take a few weeks)

I can do most at home but need a place to Shape/Glass or Sand? :

Yep sure just book in a time for the Bay you need and finish the task!

Or we can organise for your board to be glassed/sanded professionally

Cost of hire of the bays only:

  • $25 per hour 
  • $50 per day (by appointment)
  • Weekly rentals can be organised.

Any Other conditions?

  • Waiver needs to be signed and adhere to Terms & Conditions
  • No one under 18 unless fully supervised
  • Safety gear plus closed toes shoes need to be worn at all times when working 
  • Act responsible at all times
  • Non smoking