Basalt Hemp ECO Uni Tape


Basalt Hemp ECO Uni Tape 

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Basalt Hemp ECO unidirectional rail tape has been made for the surfboard maker who wants to use more natural fibers in construction. The tape consists with at least 80% of the fabric weight in the 0° or Warp direction. The breakdown of the design of the tape:

  • Hemp - A natural composite material which renewable and biodegradable 
  • Basalt - Stronger than S-glass with good vibration dampening properties

It can be used on your surfboard to add directional stability in one specific direction. A perfect replacement for a full carbon tape for reinforcing surfboard rails in the tail area, it generally flexes more than a full carbon tape so it will complement the natural performance of the board. The design of this tape is to strengthen parts of the surfboard where the tape meets the fibreglass.

It also can be used as a strong and responsive stringer along the bottom of a stringer less EPS blank.  This can reduce chatter as Basalt has a dampening property.

To use:-

Laminate the Basalt Hemp ECO tape directly to the foam under the fibreglass layers. We recommend using Surfset epoxy with our tapes

Width: 65mm