Basalt Uni Rail Tape


Our Australian Made Basalt Uni Tape

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The Basalt Uni Tape is an innovative rail tape that is woven with Basalt for reinforcement of surf, SUPs, kite and sail boards.

The Basalt woven unidirectional tapes consist of a plain weave construction with at least 80% of the fabric weight in the 0° or Warp direction.

It can be used on your stick to add directional stability in one specific direction. Used for reinforcing surfboard rails in the tail area, it generally flexes more than carbon so the natural performance of the board will not be affected. 

It also can be used as a strong and responsive stringer along the bottom of a stringer less EPS blank.  This can reduce chatter as Basalt has a dampening property.

To use:-

Laminate the Basalt fibre tape directly to the foam under the fibreglass layers. We recommend using Surfset epoxy with basalt.

What is Basalt?

Basalt Fibre is made from a hard, dense, volcanic molten rock.  It provides a middle ground between glass and carbon.  Basalt fibre is naturally UV resistant, and can maintain its physical integrity in stressful situations.


  • Strong impact protection – will not shatter like carbon fibre
  • High tensile strength
  • Similar flex to Fibreglass performance

Width:    30mm,50mm or 75mm 

Length:   The roll has 50 metres of tape 

Australian Made.

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