Red Colour Band Carbon Rail Tape


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Need colour on your next board? try this one! High quality rail tape that gives strength for your next surfboard. Choose between clear fiberglass and carbon or carbon with a bit of colour to make your surfboard pop!

The rail tape glass is a mix of:

  • 4oz quality direct size fibreglass
  •  Carbon fibres
  • colours are a poly construction
The Australian made tape has Carbon fibres running vertically in between through Fiberglass fibres.
  • Width 80mm
  • Can be used with Epoxy and Polyester resins                  
  • Direct Size E- glass fibreglass 20% stronger than normal 4oz surfboard glass
  • Carbon - Known for its properties of strength, rigidity and lightness

It can be used on your surfboard to add directional stability in one specific direction. A perfect replacement for a full carbon tape for reinforcing surfboard rails in the tail area, it generally flexes more than a full carbon tape so it will complement the natural performance of the board. The design of this tape is to reduce fractures around where the tape meets the fibreglass.

It also can be used as a strong and responsive stringer along the bottom of a stringer less EPS blank.  

To use:-

Laminate the Colour Band Carbon Rail tape directly to the foam under the fibreglass layers. We recommend using Surfset epoxy with our tapes

Try some Carbon Colour  Band Rail Tape on your next board and see the difference compared with other tapes.  Add a roll to the cart with your next order.

Please use drop down box to select The length you are after. Per M option sold in continuous Metre lengths