Carbon Insert Fibreglass 4oz Eglass - Per 50M Roll


Carbon Insert Fiberglass 4oz Eglass


Fiberglass Surfboard Fabrics are designed with the highest standards of clarity and strength in mind.

This 4oz Eglass cloth is an Australian made fabric and has a Carbon inserts every 20mm across the cloth to give it an unique look as well as strength. It is high tensile clear yarn which is the correct size, meaning the fabrics need no further heat treatment with a coupling agent. These additional heat treatments usually result in a 50% reduction in tensile strength which, in turn, transfers to a reduction in composite mechanical properties.

Fibreglass features:-

  • Reduction of deposits and fuzz
  • Improved process-ability
  • Lower friction coefficient
  • Easier impregnation with resins

The 4oz surfboard high tensile fiberglass cloth width 760mm is the industry standard.  Generally used on all boards usually 2 layers of fibreglass on the deck of the surfboard and one layer on the bottom.  Used with both Polyester and Epoxy Resins.  To purchase some new Surfset Epoxy Resin click here.

 Width: 760mm

Roll Length: 50m

Weight: 4oz